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Membership Agreement

This agreement and our privacy policy constitute the full membership agreement between Dynamic Rewards and its members. By clicking Process on the Join form your acceptance of both is acknowledged.

Important: Please read this Membership Agreement in full before enrolling in Dynamic Rewards Points rewards program. This Agreement explains the terms and conditions relating to all communications, procedures, policies and dispute resolution between Dynamic and you, our member.

Your acceptance of these is deemed made when you have submitted your application for membership. You therefore agree to be bound by these and any future modifications to this Membership Agreement which Dynamic may make at any time. Your continued involvement with Dynamic and accrual of Points is deemed as acceptance of any future modifications to this agreement.



1.1 Dynamic Rewards is a rewards program for members which is governed by these terms and conditions and those at
1.2 These terms and conditions may be changed or varied at anytime without notice by Dynamic Rewards at its absolute discretion.
1.3 Dynamic Rewards may at its absolute discretion suspend or terminate Dynamic Rewards at any time.
1.4 Any notice given to a member under these terms and conditions will be deemed to have been given if posted by pre-paid post to the member’s address or emailed to the address provided to Dynamic Rewards
1.5 In these terms and conditions:
• Dynamic Rewards means Dynamic Rewards ABN 72 301 369 347;
• Member means a person who has applied for membership of Dynamic Rewards and who has been issued a permanent membership number by Dynamic Rewards;
• Participating Program Partners means providers of goods or services who are parties to a Dynamic Rewards Program Partner Agreement with Dynamic Rewards;
• Point’s means Dynamic Rewards points accrued under the Dynamic Rewards program based on the consumption of goods and services supplied by Dynamic Rewards and Participating Partners.
1.6 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the state of Queensland and any proceedings with respect to or in connection with Dynamic Rewards brought against Dynamic Rewards will be instituted exclusively in the courts of the state.
1.7 Dynamic Rewards does not operate in jurisdiction where it would be prohibited by any relevant law or government direction.
1.8 Dynamic Rewards has taken and will take all reasonable care to ensure that information contained in these terms and Conditions and in any publications and advertisements in connection with the program is accurate, but it does not accept any liability with respect to any errors or omissions in any information whether written or verbal.


2.1 Application for membership of Dynamic Rewards is open to any person who is at least sixteen years of age.
2.2 To become a member, application must be made via the Dynamic Rewards website at and supply all relevant information required in the Dynamic Rewards membership application.

Membership is offered at the discretion of Dynamic Rewards which may accept or reject any application for Membership.

Dynamic Rewards memberships are lifetime memberships.
2.5 Membership is recognised by the issuing of a permanent membership number.
2.6 Neither application for membership nor acceptance of any application by Dynamic Rewards will result in the creation of a contract or any legally binding relationship between the member and Dynamic Rewards.
2.7 Membership is terminated on the death of a member and all points accumulated by the member prior to the termination are forfeited.
2.8 Dynamic Rewards may at its absolute discretion suspend, cancel or terminate a person’s membership at anytime. All the remaining points will then be forfeited. Matters giving such rise include defamatory or libelous statements against Dynamic Rewards, spamming, attempted sale or barter of Points or any other condition in contravention to the spirit or words of this Membership Application. This terminated member is then excluded from any future participation in the Dynamic Rewards program
2.9 Members may at any time cancel their membership by advising the Dynamic Rewards Customer Service Centre in writing or in the member’s area at .
2.10 Members may change some fields of data in their membership file. This can be done by entering the Members Center and following the links.

Members can access their account through the Dynamic website. The account center provide information on balance of points, transactions listings, referral e-mail and redemption procedures.
2.12 All tax liabilities and other duties arising from the accumulation of points or the receipt and use of rewards will remain the sole responsibility of members and Dynamic Rewards gives no warranty or assurance in relation to such tax or other duties.

Dynamic Rewards memberships are non transferable, a) upon death, b) as part of a domestic relations matter or c) otherwise by operation of law.
2.14 Points may not be assigned, sold or bartered. Members found doing so will have their accounts terminated immediately. Any costs arising from litigation and/or liability for damages will be met by the member whose account was terminated



Members may earn points by the consumption of goods and services supplied by Dynamic Rewards Participating Program Partners. Points cannot be accrued on transactions which before a member joins Dynamic Rewards.
3.2 To earn points in relation to the use of goods or services supplied by Dynamic Rewards or a Participating Program Partner, a member must either produce a membership card or quote the membership number at any time of reservation and at any time of paying for goods and services.
3.3 No members may make retrospective claims for Dynamic Rewards points from either Dynamic Rewards or a Participating Program Partner.
3.4 Points may take up to 6 weeks or more to be credited to a member after the supply of goods or services.
3.5 Points are awarded for qualifying goods and services actually supplied by Dynamic Rewards or Participating Program Partners. In particular, no points are earned in connection with goods or services, which have been ordered but not supplied for any reason, including the result of a cancellation of an order by Dynamic Rewards or Participating Program Partners.
3.6 Points do not have an expiry date. They remain valid according to condition 1.3.
3.7 Terms and conditions and the accrual of Points may vary between Participating Program Partner, properties and franchise operators. It is the member’s responsibility to confirm point’s eligibility before each transaction takes place.
3.8 The number of points per transaction may be limited and this limit may vary depending on the Participating Program Partner, or property or franchise operator.
3.9 Dynamic Rewards is not responsible for the actions of its Participating Program Partners who may from time to time decide to leave the Points program. Dynamic Rewards will not be liable for any funds outstanding by a program partner towards points already issued to Dynamic Rewards members. In the event of a partner failing to meet its contractual obligations, any points that remain unfunded will be withdrawn.
3.10 If a member contends that a transaction occurred and the points haven't been credited, please put the request in an e-mail to The following information should be included, name , address, membership number, date of purchase, merchant name.
3.11 Points at all times remain the property of Dynamic Rewards. Points accrued through involvement with Dynamic Rewards do not constitute property.



Neither points nor rewards have any cash value and neither is convertible to cash.
4.2 Members may redeem points for rewards at any time. To redeem points for a reward a member must apply online for redemptions online or prior to paying for a purchase notify the Program Partner you wish to use points to pay for the purchase.
4.3 To claim a reward a member must have accumulated 2000 points before they can be redeemed.
4.4 Dynamic Rewards points are only redeemable against the retail price of the product. The number of points required to earn a reward varies depending upon the retail price of the product in question.
4.5 Dynamic Rewards does not accept any liability whatsoever with respect to rewards supplied by Participating Program Partners in connection with the program or in connection with a Program Partner’s refusal to supply a reward to the member on presentation of a reward certificate. The rights, if any, which a member may have in connection to a reward, are solely against the Participating Program Partner supplying that reward. All rewards supplied to members will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Participating Program Partner supplying the reward, which will constitute the sole contract in connection with the supply. These terms and conditions do not in any way affect those terms and conditions and do not remove or restrict any right, which the member may have against the supplier of a reward.
4.6 By conducting Dynamic Rewards, Dynamic Rewards does not accept any liability with respect to death or injury, or consequential loss or damage arising from or in connection with, the supply of a reward or for the loss, theft or destruction of a reward or a reward certificate.
4.7 Except as required by law, Dynamic Rewards gives no warranty (whether express or implied) whatsoever with respect to rewards provided under the program. In particular Dynamic Rewards gives no warranty with respect to the quality of rewards or their suitability for any purpose.
4.8 Without in any way making Dynamic Rewards liable for, or increasing Dynamic Rewards liability with respect to that supply, Dynamic Rewards liability is limited (where it is not contrary to law to do so) in the case of goods to any one or more of the following;
a) replacement of the goods or supply of equivalent goods;
b) the repair of goods;
c) the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring goods and in the case of services, having the service supplied again; or
d) the payment of the cost having the service supplied again.


Member Communications

5.1 Dynamic Rewards exclusively uses email to communicate with its members. All members acknowledge that to receive information from Dynamic Rewards they need to have either a/ access to the internet or b/ a valid email address.
5.2 All members acknowledge that as part of the membership joining process they have chosen a preferred Travel Agent for travel redemptions. These travel agents will also distribute special deals to the Dynamic Rewards members who have selected their agency as their preferred.
5.3 All Dynamic Rewards merchants use email to communicate with their customers. Members acknowledge that they can remove or add themselves to any merchants email list at any time and by checking the Yes box in the membership account Email Subscription page that they have given the said businesses the full right to send them timely and informative emails.
5.4 All email marketing from Dynamic Rewards and its partners complies with the SPAM ACT's of Australia and the USA.

Last Modified 11th March 2013