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Win 1 Million Points

How would 1 Million Dynamic Rewards Points help you or your family?

In 2009 one lucky member will have 1 Million Dynamic Rewards points credited to their account. That's right One Million Dynamic Rewards Points.

One Million points equals

5 Round the world Trips
90 Domestic One way airfares at $150 each
140 x $100 Fuel Gift Cards
140 x $100 Grocery Vouchers
140 Restaurant meals at $100 each
56 x $250 Hair and Beauty treatments
4 Plasma TV's and a entertainment system

No matter what you can think of , One Million Dynamic Rewards will make a change.

Additionally each month Dynamic Rewards will give 5 members the chance to win 1000 Points.

All you have to do to qualify is shop on or offline with Dynamic Rewards merchants and earn points for transactions

Every transaction that earns you points excluding Read Email bonuses will earn you an entry into the competition.

So the message is shop regularly, shop often and earn more entries.

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