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How Daily Deals Works

Dynamic Rewards is bring Daily Deals to your city.

Unlike other Daily Deal sites our merchants want more than just your first visit, they want you as long term customers and will use the Dynamic rewards solutions to recognise and reward you accordingly

We're teaming up with businesses who are looking to make our members fantastic offers. In return the deals will only available for a set period of time so you have to act fast

Daily Deals offers require a pre set number of customers to buy the deal. Once this number has been reached it's available for anybody to buy the deal. If the minimum isn't reached then no one is charged.
The best way to make a sure deal goes live is to tell all your friends and family about the deal thus increasing the chances that if you want the deal it will be available.

We've made this pretty easy for you by adding Facebook, Twitter and Email functions above each offer that help you spread the word.

Join Dynamic Rewards today and find out how you'll never be better rewarded.